Heart B Ranch
Tom & Bonnie Lee - Emmett, Idaho 208-365-0947 or e-mail: heartbmule.com
Updated: 8-6-17
Pictures of the Mustangs we love...
Heart B Ranch lies on 36 acres in the Emmett Valley, Idaho. We began raising mules back in the 80's but things really took off with Lonesome Me as our Jack. Through the years we have had some great mares and babies. Heart B Mules are scattered all over the United States and many are shown as can be seen on the "Our Stars" Page. I hope to change these pictures on the Home Page now and then.
I'm having to redo/rebuild the website as some files became corrupted. I'm going to publish it but I'm still working on it...replacing pictures and names....fixing errors so bear with me...
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Boxcar Billy Harland
Foals - Yearlings
Lonesome Me
In Training
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Our Stars
The Mustangs
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