Boxcar Billy Harland
Billy is a 1997 15H Bay Roan AQHA & NFQHA (94%) Stallion. Billy is listed with APHA also so Paint mares are welcome and the foal can be registered. We used Billy for everything when he was younger. We roped on him, sorted cows, hunted and many trail rides. Billy babies seem to love people and are curious about things. Billy's 5-Panel Test is GBED N/N, HERDA N/N, HYPP N/N, MH N/MH, PSSMI N/N. We stood Billy for $500. for most of his breeding years but since he's older we only breed a few a year and stand him at $350. plus mare care.
Below are "some" of Billy's Babies...I'll be adding to this as time permits.
Our Website became corrupt and there was no way of restoring it so I'm having to rebuild it....I'm trying to get the basic parts done so I can publish it and I'll add pictures later....So, check back for additions.
Now standing for $350. plus mare care to just a few mares a year.
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